Boat Detailing & Restoration of Gel coat on Fiberglass Boats

Since 1994, John has worked very hard learning, and perfecting his craft of keeping boats like new and bringing back the beauty of vessels that have lost their shine. We offer many different levels of services to help keep your boat in the best condition it can be! Most people prefer a full "clean and wax", the reason its in "quotes" like that is because we do so much more then just a simple clean and wax.

We truly believe that for the amount of money you are paying, you deserve to be able to enjoy your boat, more than spending your valuable time washing it and take personal pride in each job we do. 

We believe in detailing, not just cleaning. We take our time from the second we get on your boat to make sure it's:

  • Washed correctly
    • ​Every compartment gets sponged out
    • Any mold or mildew gets treated with a mold/mildew treatment to remove it at the source.
    • Place in carpets are removed, sprayed with carpet cleaner and pressure washed.
  • Interiors receive at least one protective sealant on all surfaces
    • ​Every compartment is cleaned and organized (Larger boats, cockpit only unless cabin is requested)
      • Regardless of amount of stuff or if it looks perfectly clean
    • ​All seats are scrubbed until the surface is completely clean, and then sealed with our water and dirt repellent sealant

Reconditioning aka Recon

These are what you see on our facebook because it is easier to see in pictures.

  • We start with the same wash process. 
  • Then we wetsand off the oxidized gelcoat
    • ​This saves us time, which saves you money
  • We buff out the scratches, revealing a brand new finish.​
  • Then seal with the ceramic coatings

Please be advised that with this process we are removing gelcoat and this can only be done so many times. It is best to keep your boat from getting oxidized by keeping the gelcoat protected with UV protective coating (Wax, Polymers, sealants ect) from day one. This process is also most expensive and should only be done once or twice in the lifetime of the boat. 

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