We Can Shrinkwrap Anything!

Our shrink wrapping services are a step ahead of all others.

We've done bars for concert centers, cars, docks, out door kitchens, boats for long distance travel and even Trains, Planes, Floats for parades and Air Conditioners!

We have set ourselves apart for many years by doing the following:

  • We tape our frames, making it easier to take down with no risk of chipping the boat with screws
  • We leave enough room to cut our strings with scissors
  • The pitch (or height) of our frames allows even heavy wet snow to slide off easily, taking stress off of the frame
  • We cover past the water line, insuring your boat doesn't get any UV rays during the winter. It also minimizes scratches caused by shrinkwrap

Everyone shrinkwraps differently: some use less wrap, some use less wood, some use screws for their frames. Either way most of the time, you get what you pay for.  We've highlighted some of the different ways everyone does it.

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