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Diamond Shine has started detailing the exterior of vehicles!

We have always had a demand for them; but in the past they had been too time consuming to keep our level of expectations,  the new coatings are too good to keep from where they could be the best benefit to you!

​With switching our products and learning the process of ceramic coatings: we decided this would be a great way to incorporate vehicles into our services. 

Would you believe me that a car could be almost self cleaning? Or that a "wax" could last for YEARS? Your rims could stay just polished clean from a wash? or love when water doesn't stick to the windows? Have you ever seen water dance, yes dance on your windows? If you said yes to any of these then you've either had your vehicle done by us or you work for us!

As you may have seen on the main services page, where we explained our processes (if not, check it out). We use the ceramic coatings on vehicles along with other nano technology products that are more designed for vehicles. The following products can also be used on trailers or boats, but extra costs may be 

This picture is from a ceramic coating job on a car.  The bubbles have held strong after 4+ months!

This picture is from a ceramic coating job on a car. The bubbles have held strong after 4+ months!

Vehicle Process

We use the same ceramic coatings explained on the main services page, inconjection with specifically engineered coatings for rims/wheels, glass and trim. Also all exterior surfaces other than glass and tires are coated with the Hybrid Coating on top of the coatings listed below.

  • Rims/wheels: First, these are polished using a metal specific polish that cleans as it shines and this has a light protective coating ( this is also used on any other metal on the exterior) but we follow up the protection with  a coating that is engineered to become the new surface of the rim/wheel making cleaning much easier because its meant to keep brake dust and other elements from sticking to the surface.​

  • Glass: All Glass is polished with a cleaner that is meant to break down the acid rain marks, which may not be visible when dry but you can see them when the vehicle is wet, and then add a protective coating. Believe it or not, glass is hard from a detailing point of view because with durablity you have to give up water repellency to some degree. Which is why we offer two different coatings. One which is extremely durable, which is applied to the windshield will last for 2 years or 30,000 miles and also as a anti-icing agent and a different, less durable but more water resistant to all side windows and sun/moon roofs. This literally makes water dance on your windows! but sadly only last about 6 months, it is easier to apply than rain-x and we may start selling this product. Also this product is recommended for boats.

  • Trim: The trim product is one to see to believe! While applying the molecules actually split while being applied. One part bonds to the plastic and the other creates a super durable UV barrier. What makes this so unbelieveable is that even when you think your trim can get any more black, without looking glossy, we are able to take it to another level.

This is a time consuming process but is well worth your money  because it lasts, not weeks or months but YEARS! And on top of that, it is made to be as self cleaning as possible, which means when it rains you get a free car wash. And what we mean by years, is if you do nothing for it for at least 2 years, if you keep up on it then it could possibly last forever!

Our Ford F 350 has the Ceramic and Hybrid Coatings, Trim coating and the less durable coating for glass. We didnt have to wash it for months and only had minor black streaks after at least 4 months of not being washed!

We will also be offering a whole kind of protective surface which is 10 times harder then the Ceramic Coating for vehicles that will be expected to take more of a beating like a work truck or van along with offering almost the same water fearing action as the Hybrid Coating! This Product is so crazy strong that the only way to remove it is to wetsand it off within 6 years!!

Our GMC 2500 has receive the "Presidental". Every inch of it has been sealed with at least one ceramic coating. The interior has also been treated with ceramic coatings and the seats where sealed with our water proofing spray.

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