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At Diamond Shine, We have always focused more on value and quailty more then quantity; what that means to you is that we are focused on giving you the best value for your money. Thats why you can pick out our jobs at the dock! 

In 2013 we decided to change from a polymer sealant to a nano technology sealants. For a very long time, polymers were the way to go when protecting your gelcoat from UV rays and the elements; they did a great job but sadly didnt last a very long time.

With the Nano technology line we use now, we are now able to fill in microscopic scratches to create a flaw less finish that works for you, so you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying.  The other great part of the nanotechnology is that the materials are so small that they are harder to break down. Different coatings last longer then others but are designed to last at least 6 months, some last for years!


With the Nano products we always use a 3 step "waxing" process. This is what we do to the exterior gelcoat when performing a "Clean and Wax" on boats that are in good/great condition

  1. Polishing. (This is the step most people are used to doing themselves) This part of the process is where you are putting the product on and pulling/pushing out the dirt. With the nano polish, its actually generating a new surface from microscopic scratches leaving a flawless surface behind ( as long as there isn't too much oxidation). 
  2. Hi-gloss sealant. This is going to enhance the polish and add a UV Barrier. We us this product on all interior gelcoat as well
  3. Water and dirt repellant sealant. This last a bit longer and offers a smoother surface which means dirt has a harder time sticking to it (think black streaks) and if they do appear, they are so much easier to remove! It also has an added UV barrier. This product is also used on all interior surfaces

We use three products because each one offers its own unique elements that are incomparable when used in conjunction. 


If you have talked to John, then you've probably heard about the Ceramic Coatings that we started applying in 2014. These coatings are about as permanent as you can get when it comes to applying anything to paint or gelcoat, lasting years and if kept up they could last as long as the surface they bond to! These products are more expensive, which is why we don't use them on a normal basis, unless on Vehicles, but are well worth the money on both paint and gelcoat.

After Polishing: We apply a ceramic coating that, once cured, becomes the new surface of whatever it is applied too. It offers an extremely hard durable stain resistant surface that repels almost anything that life can throw at it. With any surface its applied to, Paint (Autos) or gelcoat (boats) the shine is unmistakable! It also adds a scratch resistance to paint, and tests show that it is 10 times harder then any other paint hardener on the market to date. This coating alone, last between 1-2 years!

After that we apply a Hybrid coating which was engineered to mimic a lotus leaf, which means that water has a very hard time sticking. During the curing process, this coating actually separates becoming two seperate parts; One bonds to the under laying surface and then it also forms a hair like quality which keeps water from laying to dry on it. This coating we refer to as the "water fearing" because that's the only way to explain how the water reacts to it.

Here's a video showing how the water seems to fear the surfaces, which shows gel coat and paint.

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